Sitemap - 2021 - Raids on the Unspeakable


Nice Day for a Lynching

The Lord of the Dance

On wignats and jews

Heretical musings on varied religions

On yearning for Eden

Fist-fighting with the wuflu

Janus as the principle of distinction

The bees

What would Jesus do?

‘Our Values’

On womb envy

The Joy of Handles, or Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me But Have No Right to Ask (1992)

On talking heads

On symbolism

On natural law

On writing the sublime

Peterson (Jung) and Marx

Architecture and accounting

On sex and the originary dialectic

Epstein and the scientists

God is dead. And we have killed him.

'René Guénon and the metaphysics of society' (1942) by Béla Hamvas

Further reflections of an amateur stylite

Reflections of an amateur stylite

I don't remember her

On the historians of philosophy

It's all fake news and false flags

Possession is our normal condition

The elephant as haptic form

A brief metaphor concerning bees

Cosmos as presence and representation

On thinking oneself and other things

China's century of humiliation and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

What is materialism?

What cosmos is this in which we live?

What was the Enlightenment?

A brief history of the Encyclopedia

House, M.D.

Some monetary aspects of the Butlerian Jihad

Ahriman—or, Robert Franklin Stroud

On the act of killing

The word as text and song

The world as act and process

The science of the soul as spiritual vivisection

Left, right, and other fairy tales

I will graduate with muddy feet,

Scoff not at sincerity, that is His face

What do you mean by teal?

On having forgotten how to swim

On the evolution of language

Fragments on language and architecture

Notes on standardisation (of parts and people)

Tools and machines

William James—The Laws of Habit

Understanding and experience

The many faces of time

Time as rhythm and structure

The blind men and the elephant

Metaphors and many-sidedness

Language twists to see itself

Rationalism and the difficulty with definition by equation

Return to tradition; or, the only way out is through

On the sublimity of original myth

Based on what?

What is the point?